Build a Women's Earth Lodge

Come gather with a community of women to build an earthern structure.

This natural dwelling will be a space to honor, explore and listen to Mother Earth and to explore women's ways. Come learn natural building techniques, work, get your body in the dirt, play, pray and create beauty with us. This will be an emergent process to honor what materials are available and what is energy the group brings. Building will begin Summer of 2019. Contact Aimee if interested. 

I also offer this to groups who wish to create a Sacred Women’s Dwelling on their land with their own community. Contact Aimee if interested.


For the earthen lodge building workshop: $50 each day you come. Or pay a flat fee of $300 for attending the whole time. Children welcome and free, but need to be supervised. Possible babysitter can be hired.

For an earth lodge experience on your land contact Aimee for a consultation and prices. You would be helping source and finding materials and women to work . Aimee can consult and lead the natural building and ceremonial process within her level of competence.


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The earthen lodge building is facilitated by Aimee McConneloug,  somatic practitioner, educator, spiritual mentor, eco earth dwelling maker.

Aimee counsels and inspires people to heal through self awareness and connection to the natural world. She offers individual sessions, groups, ceremony, workshops and classes that integrate somatic, mindfulness and earth-based practices.

Aimee is a certified Hakomi Practitioner and a certified Sensorimotor Practitioner. She studied Natural building and Eco dwelling at New College. She has been immersed in Indigenous wisdom and traditional native ceremony for for over 20 years. She has had a fascination with making simple buildable structures that use the local plants and materials available to deepen connection to land and place. She loves to work on the threshold of life transitions and with women’s issues.

Feel free to contact Aimee with any questions: 707-328 1785 or