Individual Somatic Sessions

My somatic, experiential approach to healing provides a visceral and real way to effect change in one's energy, body and belief systems. My work helps to heal from trauma and relational issues, from past imprints that are no longer serving you. 

I bring a deep somatic understanding and presence that empowers the individual to discover how they live in their body. This practice encourages the client to observe posture, movement, sensation, breath and the way they interface with emotional and cognitive processing. We look at how the beliefs inform the body. Because trauma profoundly affects the body, I use specific techniques that work with the effects of trauma to encourage the person to create safety, healthy boundaries and groundedness in their bodies. 

I have deep trust in the resilience of body/mind/ spirit of an individual to transform and thrive into new patterns of being. I teach and facilitate how to listen to the body, engage in conscious relationship to ourselves, others and the earth.  I am constantly informed in my work by the energies of nature, the cycles, and earth wisdom.

I offer a deep, calm, grounded, compassionate, presence that skillfully facilitates experiential awareness of conditioned patterning of the body/mind. As these patterns become transparent, we study and learn together about them. With consciousness of what is happening in our body/mind connection, more choices manifest into transformation and embodiment. 

Earthembody is deep, effective and gentle somatic work that is available to teens, and adults. I work with individuals, couples and groups.

What I can offer

  • spiritual inquiry

  • conscious parenting

  • attachment and connection

  • life transitions

  • grief

  • movement awareness

  • personal growth and awareness

  • relational re-patterning

  • trauma resolution

About Sessions

Sessions are usually scheduled for the duration of one hour.

Sessions are usually in person at my office in Sebastopol.

A 24 hour cancellation is required or the full fee is charged if an appointment is missed.

Contact me to schedule a 15-minute no-charge interview. 

Call Aimee McConneloug  at 707.328.1785 or fill in the form below, and I will get in touch with you.