Aimee McConneloug

Aimee McConneloug is a Certified Hakomi Somatics Practitioner and Certified Sensorimotor Educator. She has been in private practice in Sebastopol for 15 years in mindful body centered process work focusing on relational issues, embodied experience, spiritual inquiry,  trauma resolution and conscious parenting.

Aimee has a BA in Eco-Dwelling, was a professional dancer nationally and internationally and has had extensive experience with group facilitation and leading indigenous ceremony. She has been taught by several traditional elders and medicine people for the last 25 years.

Aimee is the mother of two children and they are some of her greatest teachers. She has studied, taught and experienced connected and conscious parenting.  Aimee’s passion is to bring a deeper awareness to the body/ mind /earth interface which she believes strongly can facilitate in healing ourselves and our relationships to others and the planet.

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