Boundary Workshops

We offer two day-long workshops :   Below are the dates of our upcoming programs:

Foundational Boundary Workshop

• Sunday 2/10/19,


Deepening Boundaries Workshop

• Sunday 3/10/19,

9:30 am-4:30 pm.


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About Boundaries

Personal boundaries are a vital part of relationships. Yet many of us never received modeling around how to stay connected to ourselves and others in relationship, or what we call healthy boundaries.

  • When we have vague boundaries, we may not feel connected to ourselves by not speaking our truth, by care-taking others, or by taking on other peoples energy.

  • With rigid boundaries we may need to control life and feel disconnected from others in order to feel safe.

  • When we are aware and connected to a healthy sense of boundaries, we can deepen our connections to others and feel a sense of wholeness and fluidity in our own selves.

In this class we will bring a visceral and experiential awareness of boundary patterns. We will learn skills and resources to re-pattern the habitual boundaries. Our relationships to both self and others will have more freedom and connection.

Level 1 - Foundational Boundary Workshop

What You'll Experience:

1. Deepen mindfulness of your Energetic Boundaries

Find new ways to be in healthy relationship with others without loosing your connection to yourself.
This first part of our of series focuses on noticing our bodies cues as it calls on us to create and maintain healthy boundaries with others. Using experiential awareness exercises, you will learn about both physical and energetic boundaries. Together we will investigate where we habitually hold our own energy and how that affects our connection to our body. Through this attunement, we can explore new ways to be in connection with others while maintaining healthy boundaries.
Aimee will share about three different boundary styles and support you in  exploring these interactively as a way to deepen your awareness and understanding of them.

2. Make a Medicine Pouch of Protection to Support Energetic Boundaries

With our new awareness around boundaries, we will bring in support from various indigenous plants traditionally used for protection and to support healthy boundaries. During our time together, each participant will mindfully craft a personal protective medicine pouch. As we work, we will instill the pouch with our own prayers and intentions.

3. Traditional Smudging Medicines to Purify and Protect part 3

Do you wish to know how to clear energy? We will explore some traditional native clearing and purification smudging medicines. We will get to know our plant allies sage, cedar, and angelica root. Aimee will guide you in the use of them, and share why they are important and how they can help.



Level 2 - Deepening Boundaries Workshop

What You'll Experience:

1. Nature and Body

We will interweave nature and the body as an ally to support healing trauma and  to mend boundary patterns of merging or rigidity. This workshop will encourage ways to experience the elements of nature to source new ways of staying aligned with yourself in healthy boundaries. 

2. Connected & Contained

We will practice new ways to feel connected and contained within your body. This practice develops a deeper sense of self and capacity to speak your truth and boundaries. There will be a collaborative project in nature to build or find a place to feel contained.

3. Anger & Boundaries

We will also explore how anger and your own fire are needed to set boundaries. There will be interactive exercises to practice boundaries.


Ideally it is best to take the Foundational Boundary Workshop first and then the Deepening Boundaries Workshop. That being said, if you are called to participate in the Deepening Boundaries workshop without taking the Foundational Workshop, a person with prior individual boundary exploration with Aimee or another somatic practitioner may join in the workshop after a personal meeting with Aimee where she will decide if there is an appropriate somatic understanding of the Foundational Work. This meeting will be charged her normal fees after the 20 minute no charge interview.


Both the day-long workshops are facilitated by Aimee McConneloug, somatic practitioner, educator and spiritual mentor.

Aimee counsels and inspires people to heal through self awareness and connection to the natural world. She offers individual sessions, groups, ceremony, workshops and classes that integrate somatic, mindfulness and earth-based practices.

Aimee is a certified Hakomi Practitioner and a certified Sensorimotor Practitioner. She has been immersed in Indigenous wisdom and traditional native ceremony for for over 20 years. She loves to work on the threshold of life transitions and with women’s issues.

Feel free to contact Aimee with any questions: 707-328 1785 or


The day I took Aimee’s Energetic Boundaries class, I instantly understood myself and my family better in light of the archetypes she discussed. In the weeks since, my insights have percolated much deeper; I’ve been able to understand and transform my deepest and most challenging relationships. I’ve been practicing the choices I have about boundaries, and I feel closer to my partner, have more energy, feel less depressed and am way less overwhelmed by my kids since the boundaries are helping me listen to my own needs and feelings. Yes!
— An Honest Mom

Workshop Logistics: 


Day-Long Deepening Boundary Workshop:

• Sunday, 3/10, 2019
  9:30am - 4:30pm.

Foundational Daylong  Boundary Workshop:

• Sunday 2/10, 2019
   9:30am - 4:30pm.


Sebastopol, CA (further location details will be sent upon registration)


$200 per workshop  (includes supplies).

You receive $25 discount if you refer a friend who signs up.

If you sign up for both boundary workshops it is $300.

You will be confirmed once you fill out a form and send a payment.


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Experiencing a viseral felt sense

The Boundary Workshop with Aimee McConneloug taught me useful practices to be more in touch with myself and the skills to use this information to develop my personal boundaries in the world. I felt guided to my own inner knowing and supported to explore my edges. Days later I am noticing how aware I am of my personal space and I feel empowered to joyfully claim my space.
— B. McNally